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    Replacement Boiler ???

    I moved this over from the general tab:
    Hello; I am looking to change the boiler in an old brick 3-unit apart. bldg. here in East PA. The reason is because the previous owner told me that her oil budget was $325-350/mo. The present boiler is a monster Yellow Flame w/one zone serving cast iron radiators. The bldg. layout is one unit for complete first floor and 2 units on the second floor with one thermostat control on first floor. Previous owner said the unit was installed back in 1980's and I saw a service tag on it for 1999. It measures about 36"wX48"dX48"h and has a blue jacket. An HVAC friend told me he took a 10yr. old EK boiler out of a school because they required an update and maybe I could use it since it guarantees a savings of 40% on fuel. It needs some replacement parts and he may want something for the boiler but I am undecided about what to do. Does anyone have any opinions as to weather it would be a good investment or should I look at a new and/or different type high effiency unit. I'm thinking the install will not be a big expense if I leave the one zone/thermo. set-up alone and just swap boilers. I'm going to be paying the heat for these units but if I can save 40% fuel costs with the EK and with some kind of locking thermostat added it may not be bad. Any thoughts will be appriciated, Thanks, Billy

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    Replacement Boiler ???

    I'm also considering other high efficiency oil h/w boilers like Buderous, Biasi and WM along with Coal and Geothermal. My quest is for the cheapest heat annually using the existing hot water radiators on one zone with one stat. I've found Coal is cheapest but a little too much maintenance with ash removal and occasional feeder problems. Any Landlords here that can relate?

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