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    hydronic boiler replacement

    Hi there!

    I'm a lead controls installer in Denver, CO. I am a electrician by trade, so I have that part of it down. However, I've posted questions on a boiler replacement for my home. Among the replies, it was suggested that I replace my old hydronic boiler with a mod/con. I'm looking for suggestions on brands and contractors recommended in the Lakewood or Wheatridge area of Colorado.

    I take it that hiring someone with mod/con boilers experience is the only way to go.

    With all that, any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

    - Brian

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    We install a lot of the New York Themal Trinity boilers. Install easy very reliable, efficient and versital. I'm sure there are oters, this is what I'd put in my house!

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    Weil McLain Ultra.

    Call around your area. See what the most common one installed is.
    If you pick a brand we recomend, and only one company installs them, your stuck if they don't know what their doning.
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Mod/Con boiler with indirect water heater

    You will be very happy with a Mod/Con. I started installing condensing boilers in Lakewood in 1987. Sorry, no longer there.

    Call a few contractors and ask them about mod/cons, if they hesitate or try to turn you on two cast-iron move down the list.

    The smart manufacturers keep a list of certified (the guys who take the time to go to a training class) and will be happy to give you a name or refer you to a local wholesaler that can.

    Common names are NIT-Trinity as arrudick mentioned but also look at the Munchkin-Contender, Weil McLain-Ultra, Buderus-GB142, Lochinvar-Knight, Triangle Tube-Prestige and Veissmann-Vitodens.

    Installation is key and experience and training make for a good system.
    Demand a heat loss analysis, this will eliminate half of your choices.


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