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    Question Carrier heat pump factory charge ?

    Hi there,
    My question is a bit DYI but I know it's not welcome here. I got a HVAC guy that will finalize my installation but he didn't know Carrier(he is doing commercial stuff , never installed a carrier residential)

    the combo is a 40QNC018 with a 38QRF018 heat pump

    I have done the house myself but I let the HVAC finalize the installation

    wiring has been pre-wire by a qualified electrician

    refregerant line (5/8 and 3/8 lines) have been pass thru wall by myself 50f of 5/8, 50f of 3/8

    got both service manual to give it to my HVAC man who will connect the hosing
    I might need another manual because the wall unit manual specify a 6lbs precharged (I tought the precharged was into the exterior unit????)

    there also a note the factory charge is based on 25ft of interconnecting line

    does that mean I have a total of 100ft and he will need to add gas ? if yes, will he be able to calculate what he need or he need a specific chart from carrier ?

    here is both service manual I have :
    the purpose of all this isn't a DYI, I just want to give everything my hvac man will need to complete the installation because he never done a carrier residential install. I want to be sure he will have everything to do a perfect job.

    I've already call authorized carrier installer and none of them wanted to install that because I already own the unit (bought it from carrier directly)

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    Uh, ya sure.

    Your hvac guy can find the answer.

    Thread closed.
    Perhaps you should have read the instructions before calling.

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