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    Advice on 4-zone system

    I have a Lennox instaler who suggest a Harmony zonning system and says that it is the best. He mentioned that other systems aren't trully zoned systems and that they take the excess cold air created by the balfle system and pipe in back inot the return which is bad according to him.

    I live in south Louisiana and have foam insulation and all the HVAC components will be within the conditioned space. He suggest some a 2 stage lennox heatpump, a varible air handler, harmony zone system, and a bafle for letting in fresh air. He also uses flex duct exclusivly for all his duct runs.

    My other option is a Trane 2 stage heatpump, a varible air handler, and a ERV for letting in fresh air. He uses metal ducts exclusivly for all his duct runs.

    The Trane quote is about 33% more money, so I have a couple of questions.
    Is the ERV worth the extra money for my house?
    Are metal ducts worth the extra money in my house?
    What is the differnce between the Harmony Zone system and what everybody else offers? Is it better or was the installer blowing a bunch of hot air?
    Thanks for your input!

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    Metal ducts within conditioned space for sure, I never use flex in a conditioned space looks like hell. The erv would be the right way to pipe in the fresh air. I like the sound of the trane install. The trane zone system probably works the same as the lennox, as long as you get 2 stage and variable air handler.

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    I think they are different because the Trane installer described installing a bypass system in which excess cooled air would get plumbed into the return when to much air was being generated for what was needed. The lennox installer said this was very bad because it would cause things to freeze up and would cause early equipment failure, which is why he was touting the Harmony III system. I am just curious if what he is telling be is true or it is some sales mumbo jumbo.

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