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    Confused Walk-In Freezer Drain Issue

    We recently had another 12x15 Walk-in freezer installed in our building. The contractor is wanting to use pvc with no heat tape then let the drain line just drain to the outside of the freezer onto the ground. This doesn't seem appropriate for a drain. Any advice?

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    copper and heat tape with trap outside preferably into a drain or at least on slope away from freezer. if he does it his way he will be back until he gets it right

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    Is there a certain type of trap you prefer?

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    From the Heatcraft Manual:
    Condensate Drain Lines
    Either copper or steel drain lines should be used and properly protected from freezing. In running
    drain lines, provide a minimum 1/4 inch per foot pitch for proper drainage. Drain lines should be
    at least as large as the evaporator drain connection. All plumbing connections should be made in
    accordance with local plumbing codes. All condensate drain lines must be trapped, and run to an
    open drain. They must never be connected directly to the sewer system. Traps in the drain line must
    be located in a warm ambient. We recommend a trap on each evaporator drain line prior to any tee
    connections. Traps located outside, or extensive outside runs of drain line must be wrapped with a
    drain line heater. The heater should be connected so that it operates continuously. It is
    recommended that the drain line be insulated to prevent heat loss. A heat input of 20 watts per
    linear foot of drain line for 0˚F (-18˚C) room applications and 30 watts per linear foot for -20˚F
    (-29˚C) rooms is satisfactory. In freezers, the evaporator drain pan fitting should be included
    when heating and
    insulating the drain line.

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