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4TWX4036B condenser with 4TEE3F37 Air handler:
35,400 btu cooling, 11.6 EER, 14 SEER, 8.7 HSPF, 32,000 btu heating at 47 degrees.

4TWX6036B condenser with same air handler:
34,400 btu cooling, 11.4 EER, 16 SEER, 8.75 HSPF, 32,000 btu heating at 47 degrees.

The 16i is weaker on cooling btus and EER. The 16i has a 2-stage compressor. Do you need 2 stages in MA? Is it worth the difference in purchase $$?

Best to you.


Thank you. I've been searching and reading on this site about technical info, just to be an informed consumer. As I understand it, the two-stage compressor is helpful with humidity control and cooling. We don't use the AC all that much in the summer, and compared to other climates I've lived, humidity is not bad. I'm thinking that the 2-stage is probably not worth the difference in investment.

And, to all who have replied - your comments have been very helpful - much appreciated!