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    Question How do I drain the water in my gas boiler?

    I need some help as a first time homeowner. Don't wanna burn myself or screw myself with no heat with the winter here in NYC. I bought this house only a few months ago and the owner didn't say anything or left manual for the boiler. It's a Weil McLain EG-40 or EG-45 gas boiler. I downloaded the manual from their site but it's more meant for a plumper that'll understands it.

    There is a low water cut off relay. Is the valve below my drain hole?

    I think this water gauge is the water level for the boiler. The water is clear now but when it's running, I can see some brown residues in it. Anyone know what are the top and bottom knots are for? And what is that big pipe for?

    OK, I think the PSI gauge is my stream pressure but what is that open valve at the top.. the stream release valve?

    I guess this controls the stream release?

    I am assuming this is where the water is feeding the boiler

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    call a pro this is not a DIYers sight, this is for your own safety
    a person working on boilers with no experience = disaster
    I dont warranty Tinkeritus

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    Great pictures you took there. Obviously, from your questions, you haven't a clue as to what you are doing.

    You need to call a hydronics/boiler contractor to service this boiler.

    The site rules prevent us from providing DIY assistance.

    Thread closed.
    Perhaps you should have read the instructions before calling.

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