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    Clare hot water furnace/exchanger problem

    I have a condo with a clare hot water furnace (hot water from residential water heater). Guess its more a heat exchanger than a furnace. Turned the heat on this weekend and the fan is running very its starting to spin up and it doesn't get up to full speed. Unit is aprox 10 yrs old. I am assuming its not a voltage issue as it probably runs at full 120v? Bearings? Model number is XVAQ42-4 or XUAQ42 but could not find any reference to it on google. has a 1/3 hp blower motor. Is that a standard item that could be swapped?

    I just tried the capacitor out of the series and it did the same thing so maybe the capacitor is toast?
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    im sure that theres a professional tech in your area that is close to being layed off that would be happy to service this unit

    no DIYers here call a contractor for service
    I dont warranty Tinkeritus

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