I am looking for help to solve a major problem with Hydronic System in an old Church. We have 3 Weil McLain Gold CGa, gas fired boilers that continue to fail after 6-12 months of use. They are plumbed to an old system that was converted from low pressure steam to hot water about 15 years ago. We have installed 2 TACO sediment filters on the primary loop and and Caleffi magnetic dirt separators on the inlet of each boiler.

We have continue have sediment build up in the boilers which leads to over heating and cracking of the boiler blocks. The filters are cleaned weekly and the water has been analyzed showing a pH neutral value ~7 (city water). No leaks and pressure is maintained with a regulator and expansion tank to 22psig.FCC Waukesha Boiler Summary 4-1-14.pdf