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    Question Is Rheem Fully Modulated??

    I've decided on our new Furnace and AC and have what I think is an excellent service company to install it. I was understanding the Rheem is "fully modulated", running from 30% to 100% in 5% increments. However, reading some of the brochures, how the furnace modulates may depend on the type of thermostat you have? Thus, the system may only function as a two or perhaps three stage unit? I don't have a model number. The quote only ID's a 100k btu Modulated Furnace. The brochure shows a "Classic 90 Plus Modulating Gas Furnace". Do I need to further clarify with the dealer what system I'm getting, or are all Rheem Modulating furnaces "FULLY" modulated when using a proper thermostat? Is there a particular thermostat I need to be sure I get? Thanks for your thoughts!!

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    You need Rheem's mod thermostat for the furnace to truly modulate. With a standard thermostat the furnace operates in stages.
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    Thanks. The quote shows a "Rheem Modulating Thermostat". I understand it is some kind of touch screen unit. Does that sound like what I want?

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    With the Mod stat, the gas valve steps in 5% increments from 40% to 100% of capacity. The variable speed blower varies to maintain around 65 temp rise in all firing rates. This is the blue touchscreen stat. With a conventional stat, it stages at 40%, 65% and 100% based on time (and temp with a 2 stage stat) .

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