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    Humistat with a skuttle 2001 humifier???

    How do I bypass the humistat and turn on the humifier all the time when the blower runs? I have a pellet stove in the cellar and it gets dry. My hvac guy last year put in a relay for that but it seems only to work when I turn the knob on the hudistat on to test. It is 50% humid in my house but we wake up with a dry nose etc. There are four wires sticking out of the hudifier on the bottom where the water inlet is for the unit. Can I tie those together and not ruin anything? One wire with two conductors is coming from the hudistat and the other wire with 2 conductors is coming from the unit itself. There is two wire conns on them??
    there is also on the hundistat a sensor wire that goes outside to the A/C unit outside what are those for?

    On my old house I just connected the wires but it was a different unit and this one I don't nothing about...

    Help me out here...


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    There is more than one way to skin a cat (wire humidifier).

    Who knows what the other guy did, but for us to give you advice on wiring like that is not wise, nor is it allowed by the forum rules.

    Sorry, no DIY help, call the furnace guy back. Something is wrong with that humidifier.

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