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    GOODMAN Furnace quality

    I have been reading the forum re Goodman Furnace (I think Goodman AC Compressor seems OK), and there has been alot of discussions on Goodman furnace reliability.
    This article seems to indicate that (quoted):
    "......Aside from Trane and Rheem, there's little consensus among reviewers, but experts are quick to say that there are no real clunkers out there. Nevertheless, Goodman gets the worst marks among the furnace installers and repairmen we interviewed and those who post to HVAC-Talk, an online consumer forum. Professionals blame this on craftsmanship and an unfriendly design, making Goodman more difficult to service. They also criticize Goodman for not being more selective with the contractors it uses as dealers. Two contractors we interviewed who install Goodman recommend it as an inexpensive, reliable furnace."

    So any pros and cons on GOODMAN FURNACE?


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    After two years of membership and a couple hundred replies, I'm betting you've read the answer to that numerous times.

    The article contains some good information, but it's a hodgepodge thrown together by laypeople. They seem to delight in presenting opposing opinions that leave the reader wondering. What’s worse is that technical accuracy is not too important to them. They quote some of those they interviewed incorrectly and would not correct the article even after being contacted.

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    I don't like their condensing units. My opinion is that is their main problem. I think their furnaces and air handlers are just like anybody else's. They also make decent evaporator coils. Very few TXV problems and they usually don't start leaking until 10+ years.

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