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    Beckett Heat Manager or Argo Outdoor Reset

    I just installed a WB Gold Oil Fired hot water boiler with an Argo 3 zone relay box. Was wondering what the verdict is on either the Heat Manager or Outdoor reset? One thing that bothers me with the Heat Manager is that there is not outdoor temp sensor.

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    The heat manager "calculates" the the load by monitoring the loss of boiler water temperature over time and comes up with a new low limit boiler temperature that can sustain the load so it doesn't need to measure the outside temperature.
    As I understand it, the system suppresses the boiler "on" or low limit temperature to equal that calculated temperature at which point it fires and stays fired until the aquastat high temperature limit is achieved. The improved efficiency is the result of less cyclling and the mfr claims 10-20%
    My problem with this is twofold:
    1) if you have multizone heating and one zone is not balanced then you may get erroneous calculated temperatures
    2) I would think the high limit temperature should be modulated at the same time and forgo some of the cycling improvement for improved heat losses due to the high limit temperature at moderate outside temperatures and reduced load.

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