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    In-house analysis of heating/cooling performance

    Our home was built in 2000 (2 stories w/basement, in Chicago suburbs). But we have trouble keeping it warm (and in the summer, cool).

    Are there consultants or analysts that I can hire to come in and do testing on my house? I don't know if the problem is due to the ventilation system, insulation, etc. I'd like someone who truly can do some tests and make recommendations, not just a guy who sells and installs systems.

    We have the thermostat set to about 80, and rooms are still uncomfortably cool. I've had the unit checked and cleaned. It just seems that there isn't enough hot air blowing out of the vents.

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    To find contractors in your area that have the training and equipment to do the testing you need, click the "Locate a CI contractor" link on this web page.

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    You could also look at NCI's web at

    Sometimes it is not the HVAC equipment and a home energy analysis is worth
    having performed. Ckeck for energy raters and consultants.

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