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    Red face New Goodman on its' way-now what T-Stat?

    Our old gas furnace died. I read posts on this forum for hours and hours and researched as best I could. Ordered a Goodman GMV950704CXB Multiposition, Two Stage, Variable Speed Gas Furnace. (No A/C)
    Here are my questions, what thermostats can anyone recommend?? (I'd prefer a programmable one And, we'd like to have the option of using the furnace blower to circulate air in the summer.)

    What wire types do I run for the tstat?? Can I get that specific wire from Home Depot??

    Also, the old furnace closet had a 6" x 12" duct that ran from mid furnace level into the attic - for air intake I presume. New furnace is 95% efficient and only requires 2" pvc for exhaust thru room and a 2" pvc air intake into end vented attic. Can I rip out the old duct and seal up the holes in the closet?? A friend said I needed that duct in case there was a gas leak...I thought gas fumes are heavier than I disagreed with him. So, can anyone help with these three issues...

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    No DIY advice on this site. Hire a Professional HVAC service to SAFELY install your gas fired appliance.

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    As above.

    No DIY questions allowed.

    Please read rules.
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Along with the guys says about the site rules, who is going to stand behind the unit for warranty? I know Goodman won't since you may of ordered it online.

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    thats kinda like going on a ford or chevy website and asking them how to build a car!


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    Here comes the DIY police......You have the right to remain silent. You have the right not to speak DIY on this site. Anything you say can and will be used against your DIY install.

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    Read the Forum Rules in my sig line!

    You absolutely must call a pro for this project.

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