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Ohh did I ever try. I emailed and talked to every 519 union company on the list. I guess 2011 was a really bad year to even consider landing a apprentice position for a refrigeration company.

I am not young by any means. I started my career working at a heavy life Sikorsky CH-3E and MH-53 helicopter mechanic in the US Millitary. From there, seperated and went to collage as a avionics student and graduated. By the time I had graduated in the 1990s, the aviation sector was in a tail spin and shed 1,000,000 jobs. Pan am, Eastern Airlines, and a host of other companies out of business. I had to take what I knew, and enter into the automotive field..which I still do on a part time business today.

I want to know, if the refrigeration field has done better in these last two years? Are there more job openings then two years ago?

Anyway, I am going to apply for a line cooler company "apprentice refrigeration mechanic" and see how it goes at Northwester Systems Corp if anyone knows anything about this company please let me know.

I have heard, there is also a walk in cooler assembly plant in the Delta BC location. Anyone know about it?
damn, I thought you were apprenticing a long time ago.

this year is busier than last at this time, hang in there.