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    Serious pro advice needed ASAP

    As you know we have been pulling out our hair on this AC stuff. Current situation is 2T.up and 3T. down.

    Currently we have 1 1/2 story house. 2362 sq ft...manual J we come out with 4 T. zoned Infinity to cover both floors. 2nd floor is under 700 sq. ft. The numbers work out good. we are getting cold/warm feet.

    Ok...we can go with 2 separate units if we use our old lineset. We would have to have 2T. upstairs, which I know is overkill. Then we would need 3T. down cuz that is what we need down.

    All the pros here recommend going with 2 units (New Orleans - Biloxi area). We can't get the sizing balance right with 2.

    BTW.........we are talking the Infinity Heat Pump and Air Handler and their zoning system.

    Not so sure what we use if we go back to two units. 2T upstairs is like a meat locker.

    Our contractor says he can make one 4 t. system work with the zoning. After reading all the comments here we are scared off of even trying.

    What would you do given this scenario

    BTW...we are talking about the Infinity Heat Pump, Infin.Air Handler and zoning system...were we to go with one unit.

    With 2 units....who knows...maybe 2 Comfort or Performance

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    Twilli's advice can be found in these words
    No Heat No Cool You need Action Fast

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    There is not one person on this forum that can honestly give you a fair answer without seeing your house.

    Zoning is an excellant opton for a 1 1/2 story home but it requires a person well versed in zoning to make it work properly.

    The Carrier Infinity system is probably the best option currently available.

    Contact Gerome St. Pierre 504-466-9399 he is in St. Rose he may not work in your area but if not he maybe able to recommend someone.

    Tell him Al from Houston told you to call.

    Good Luck

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    Did you revise the Manual J to use the correct design temperatures? Have you then looked into using excess latent capacity to possible reduce the size of the unit? And if you are still planning on using two units, could you post the sensible and latent split between the two zones?

    You should have continued with the other thread instead of starting a new one. That makes it easier for people that try to help you understand as much of the information as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by classical View Post
    There is not one person on this forum that can honestly give you a fair answer without seeing your house.
    Send me $20 via PayPal and I'll give you a fair answer!


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