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    energy efficiency tempstar confusion

    I am replacing my hvac system with a hybrid heat pump/dual stage unit. My hvac man has recommended the following tempstar products. T9MPV075 unit rated at 75,000 btu and a T4H330 unit heat pump rated at 30000 btu with a seer of 13. These arent coming cheap and I dont mind to spend to get some quality and efficiency; but I am confused. Is the T4H330 a discontinued model? Why wouldnt I want to get a T4H4 unit that is energy star rated and has a seer of up to 15. Will the energy tax credits vary with the different seer ratings?
    Also I have a 2nd unit in the attic a tempstar T9MPV075F12A2 dual stage. Could I get a bigger heat pump and run both systems off of it?

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    Can a modulating system be installed with a heat pump in a hybrid system?

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