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    Question Replacement furnace

    We are looking to replace our 45 year old Moncrief (110,000 BTU) with a new furnace. We have had our home sized and know we need about a 69,000BTU, 2-stage, variable speed furnace. Although our current furnace is less than 50% efficent, it is the electric bill that the blower is consuming that is costing us a bundle each month. We live in Michigan and have a four level home. We know we don't want a Goodman or other similar grade furnace, but are getting confused on which maker of furnace to go with. Since Trane, Carrier, Rheem, Bryant, Amana, etc. are only sold through HVAC dealers that stock only their furnaces, we are getting completely different stories from each of these companies. We also would like to take a look at other brands which are not as highly advertised, i.e. Heil, Gibson, etc., but can find little literature on these furances other than company literature. I think the best advice comes from the individuals who actually service all makes of furnaces. Can any of you help clear up the confusion? Thanks

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    Everyone has their own opinion of what furnaces they would or would not recommend. For the most part, any of them PROPERLY INSTALLED would do you just fine. So you'll never really get any solid advice on what to buy. You'll just get guys pushing their favorites and bashing those they don't like.

    Among those listed, they would have premium and low end. Low end units are cheaper built, less features, can be noisier, shorter warranty. Premium units just the opposite. Usually the 2 stage variable speed models from any brand are deluxe.

    Heil is a good brand, part of the United Technologies family that owns Bryant & Carrier. Gibson is the Nordyne family. The KG6TE 95% 2 stage variable speed model is idential to the premium line except for blower compartment insulation. Still a fairly quiet furnace.

    I recommend an Equiguard or manufacturer supported extended warranty on anything these days.

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    you can't beat that for an honest and upfront statement and I also agree with it.

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    I too have to replace an old heat pump. It was on life support and was pronounced dead on Monday! I have three different units installed by 3 different contractors (long story) over the last 15 years. (We added on to the house and one unit died prematurely.

    My Rudd is 16 years old and is the one that needs replacing (3 ton unit). The contractor that I have a maintenance agreement with has suggested at 13 Seer Tappan (10 year warranty on compressor & coil). I can't seem to find any info about Tappan but think it might be part of Nordyne. I'm in Georgia and don't know if I should go with a higher SEER or possibly a dual-fuel unit. The contractor said the higher SEER unit will take 5 years or so to make it worth the extra $$$.

    I sure could use some advice!

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    Thanks so much for your comments. You pretty much stated what we thought all along - that the best unit is the one that is properly sized and installed correctly. Nice to hear it from a professional. Keep warm!

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    Confused Replacement gas furnace

    I was wondering if Lennox is a good brand. I've been reading a lot of the threads about furnace replacement and it appears to me that Lennox is never mentioned. Trane, Carrier, Rheem seem to be the most popular brands.

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    Lennox, like most other brands, is fine if installed well. As BaldLoonie said above, each manufacturer has lower-end and higher-end systems. It would depend on which actual model you're talking about. I have no problem with Lennox, but you want to make sure you have a company that has access to Lennox replacement parts.

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