Hi All,

My parents have had a forced air furnace for close to 40 years now, but no air conditioning, save window units. I have offered to pay for them to have both installed. They received proposals from four different contractors that all had good ratings on their local Angie's List (some sort of online rating system that works in local areas). I am out of state, but they've told me that since I am paying, I have input in what is purchased, so I'm trying to get some help in making decisions between products.

The four proposals have four different units (across a $1600 range) and I am less concerned about cost and more interested in getting a system that is reliable and cost efficient. Would you offer any thoughts you have on the following?

Option 1 is for a Carrier 58mvb Infinity Furnace (60,000 BTU)
Option 2 is for a Carrier 58mvb Confort Furnace (60,000 BTU)
Option 3 is for a Carrier 24ABA3 & Base Series Air Conditioner
Option 4 is for an Amana DGMH9570 Distinctions Furnace & DGSC13024 2 Ion Air Conditioner

I am most impressed by the warranty options on the last one, but my father is very distrustful of the Goodman brand (under the name Amana) because he feels as if they took the name Amana, an old brand that has good associations here in the midwest, because their own brand wasn't good enough to earn its own good name.

Finally, my brother isn't sure they need the 95% efficient unit and seems to think that could cause more problems somehow. Is there any downside to getting the more efficient units as opposed to the 80%, etc?

Thanks for any help you can provide.