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    Gas Steam Table help please!

    I have a 4 bin Areohot/Thurmaduke style steam table that has one pilot out of the 4 there that goes out a lot. I cannot seem to adjust the pilot because I do not know how to. I found that the other pilots appear to have more space between the pilot tip and the tube it is inserted in than the one that goes out alot. Behind the face plate and knob, and not on the pilot tube, there is a small set screw in the brass nut that appears to thread the pilot tube to the knob handle. I did try to twist this and it did not seem to change the flame of the pilot. What can be done here??? Thanks.

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    Could be the other pilots are too high and starve this one that goes out often. Try adjusting those down. First though check that your gas pressure is correct at the appliance. Incoming gas pressure.

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    Usually where the pilot tube is connected to the manifold there is a 90 degree fitting with a screw that is a needle valve for the pilot. They can also be inline valves but are typically coming off the manifold itself and not the burner valve.

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    thank you for your help. there is a small screw on the pilot tube brass fitting connection to the manifold, but it is on the manifold side and not on the actual tube side of the brass connection. I do not have the means to check the gas pressure at this time, but I may be able to adjust the other pilot flames and see what effect this has. The problem pilot is only one of the four bins away from the gas supply line. there are two more bins past it from the gas supply line. I can see that the Pilot tips are not all at the same setting because they each stick out a little differently, their gaps are not the same. I have been sick and unable to get to this problem. thank you for your ideas.

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