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    Question Where to find small fan powered humidifier?

    I want to add a whole house humidifier to my system, but have limited space. My furnace shares a closet with a water heater and the resulting gas pipes, ducts, exhaust vents, etc dont leave much room.

    There is no room to route a bypass duct so that type is out. I looked at the Aprilair and Honeywell fan powered units, but my plenum is just a bit too small for either of these. I found that Carrier makes a small humidifier, but can't find anyplace that sells them outright.

    Does anyone here know of a decent smaller sized fan powered humidifier?


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    Screw all that, go with a steam humidifier. No bypass needed and there small in size. You just need your local mechanical contractor to install it for you.
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    A good thought, but I dont think steam is for me. The type in your link seems to be under mount which means I would only get humidification to one part of the house (the trunk I have access to).

    Anyone else know of a small powered humidifier or know where the Carrier version can be purchased?


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    Bryant and Carrier SFP can be purchased by a licensed contractor from a Bryant or Carrier wholesaler.

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