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    AC and Humidification with Radiant Floors

    I live in a house with radiant floor heating on the ground floor and hot water radiators on the second floor for heating. We also have an HRV ventilation system (running 2 x 6" dia ducts supply and return).

    We are looking into what options are avaialble for adding:
    - some sort of humidifaction system, and
    - air conditioning.

    We have not used AC in the past and are only looking to cool upstairs by a few degrees C and remove some of the humidity.

    Here are my ponderings:
    - what humidifiers are available for this type of system? (makes and models) Only one I found was Aprilaire 350, is this a good unit?
    - can we use the same duct work as for the Ventilation system? (ie perhaps use both the 6" ducts as supply for the AC in summer time) We would never run both the ventilation and AC at the same time.
    - can we use the same duct work for the humidification?

    Thanks for any advice or leads,

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    Humidity with radiant floor...

    is possible but not in a conventional way.

    The Aprilaire and similar humidifiers depend on the heat from a forced air furnace to evaporate the water and blow it throughout the living space.

    As one of the best attributes of a radiant system is its silent delivery of radiant heat it would be a shame to spoil the quiet. Since you are not blowing air around your space you do not suffer the same dehumidification caused by infiltration that a scorched air system does. Obviously you are still too dry.

    Focusing on the upper floor one could get by with a conventional or high velocity - air conditioning only - system that would dehumidify nicely and cool your lower level if one is open to the other by a staircase say. Unless you have a lot of solar gain on the lower floor I think you will find this satisfactory.

    As for humidification you will need heated -by electricity humidifier that could be used in conjunction with your AC air-handler at a very low fan setting - (not so good with HiV).

    Or do as my Grandma did and hang a little water can next to or on the radiators and don't turn on the exhaust fan when showering in winter.

    Oh yes and cooking pasta is good for just about everything and nearly a religious experience for me.


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    Search for manufacturers

    Hi MA,

    Thanks for the information. I will see what I can find out about the high velocity AC.

    Do you have any brand names that I can review in terms of the high velocity AC or the heated humidifier? I thought I should try to pick a good brand name then find out who does installations with this system in our area.

    As for the pasta, we do eat lots of pasta, but obviously 4 - 5 / week is not enough.


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