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    Advice on Furnace

    I need advice on selecting a furnace.

    I finished out the loft above my barn for an in-law suite.
    Approx. 500 sq ft (one bed, living room, bath).
    Cathedral ceiling - 2x6 construction (r19 insulation) also same r value in
    floors. I live in connecticut. Looking to heat with
    LP forced air furance, as there is no nat gas in our area
    and looking to keep costs/maint down versus heating oil system.
    Scientific wild assed guess says I only need about 25,000 btus
    for this space. Smallest furnace I can find for inexpensive cost
    is 40k input x 80% afue = 32k output.
    - Is this still oversized?

    - Area will only be used a few months per year (visitng parent), so
    looking to keep costs down.
    - I can get a Dayton single stage furnace or for about $150 more
    I can get a Goodman (Badman?) 2 stage. Thinking about the 2 stg
    since the 40/32,000 btu may be too much for my area, at least a
    2 stg. on the low stg. would keep longer cycles running.

    Any feedback appreciated.
    Also, how bad is a Goodman and how good/bad is a Dayton
    forced air furn? Keep in mind this isn't for my main house, just
    the part-time loft.

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    where do you live ? ill install it! Also Im not too big on eithier of those brands but I guess they'll work in this application.

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    Call a pro, have them do a load calc and give you recommendations.

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    in some countries they use the heat from farm animals to keep them not joking

    as far as my in laws? that would be good enough
    I dont warranty Tinkeritus

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    Just remember that some Goodman 2 stage won't allow a 2 stage stat. They will time to high after at most 15 minutes. So much for long run periods on low. That's the last furnace you want in an oversized situation!

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