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    Very Noisy Cold Air Return

    I live in a very old house with little insulation. As a result the furnace runs almost constantly in the winter, and the ac in the summer. I dont plan on being in this house forever, so I'm willing to live with that.
    However, when the furnace/AC is runnng, the cold air return is extremely noisy - like a harriet jet about to take off. There are 3 cold air returns in the house - 2 are not working. The 1 cold air return which is working is located directly above the furnace. It is located in the living room and the furnace is right below it.
    What is making it so noisy and what can I do to correct the problem? If the 2 non working cold air returns are fixed, will this reduce the noise level? I dont think the problem is with the furnace, since the air conditioning has the same problem.
    Do I need new ductwork?

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    My guess would be that since the other two "aren't working," the one working one is pulling in a lot of air to compensate for this, thus causing the loud noise. You should consider getting those other two fixed, as your duct system probably called for more than one return. How are the other two "not working?"

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    You will need your return lined with ductliner, that should help some.

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    That would be a Harrier jet? I don't know why two returns aren't working, that would triple the amount of air through the remaining one. Most problems I've seen like this were due to a lack of duct and 90 degree elbows, and duct liner. We had one where the return went from the furnace through the wall right into the living room. No one could hear the tv. The furnace room was large enough so we ran the duct to the right 3', up 3', back to the left 3', and then it turned and went through the wall. This required three 90's. We used duct liner also. The noise disappeared.

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    you could replace it with flex. this is a noise dampener.

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