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    Call a servive man . I believe youll find they can fix these problems you people are having without too much cost to you. Not much more than a call and whatever materials used to fix this if they can get to it. meaning not inside drywall. It is very annoying I know. I dont believe these noises will hurt any of your units, but that is STRICTLY a guess!

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    It may be possible that a manual damper on the north side duct run may force more air to the south end, and keep the metal cooler and then would maybe keep the expansion of that run to a minimum. If the contractor can't find a solution, make the suggestion. Also as stated before bumping the fan speed up may help, but if the temp rise is already good, then just redirecting the airflow is the better option.

    I had a mobile home that did this every time the furnace shut down.... tick tick tick bang!! Very annoying.
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