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    old boiler - no existing ductwork

    We're looking at old houses. 1900 - 1930+. a few of them still have an old boiler (gas or oil) and that's fine but if there is no existing ductwork to go to, a newer furnac/ac is out ofthe question. Don't mind the radiators and love that type of heat general: costs and possibilities of installing ductwork without major demo? In a 2-story w/ bst have hvac gear on main floor to reduce runs? Is there normally a place in an older home that would be a "void" for ductwork to go into? Having ac is critical. Thanks...

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    look into Unico or Spacepak high volosity systems
    they were designed for your type of applacation and require less room for the small duct and takeoffs

    if installed properly they are quiet and can pull out a lot more humidity then a comventional unit can

    expensive but in most cases can be done without tearing the house apart

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    can you put1 unit in attic and 1 in basement

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    catman......interesting point. I s'pose penetration thru floor into room one level down and conversely one level up is a good idea. Lesser capacity units x 2 would be a bit more than one but for the end result be a good idea. thanks for insight.

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    Thanks for the info. Looks like most places will have at least radiator heat. for now I think I'll be leaning towards the "mr. slim" concepts for a/c. Looks like a lot of that type of thread in this forum. Gotta be something in those to help.

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