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Thread: frymaster pump

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    frymaster pump

    at BWW they have a few stores that have frymaster fryer's and they have been having issues with the pump section locking up and needing replacement.
    One store that is less than a month old had a fryer that lost a pump and it was covered under warranty. I did not do the change out on that unit. But had a call this morning for one a pump issue. While working on it i see the red reset button tripped out. Reset and motor just hums, Found pump locked up. This is the 3rd pump for these fryers in the past 6 months. I checked every thing including the heat tape that wraps around the lines and the pump and all are working and heating well. Only thing i can think of is that they are using solid shortening.
    If any one else is experiencing the same problem i can realy use the help

    mabie a model and serial would help
    M: FPP345ECSE
    S: 0505GO0025

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    Be sure all lines are clear. We have seen places not filter until the vat has a lot of breading in them, this causes the lines to plug up. I had a new fryer delivered with the lines connected wrong causing pump to pump against a closed valve.

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    Most pump problems we have encountered have been the result of operator error. They feel that because the product in the vat is in a liquid state, that the product in the lines should be and don't turn the heater on. Our techs clean the pump and lines, explain the use of the heater and no problems until someone new uses it.

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    what about the heater wire on the return line i have had to replace a few of those.

    i have also ran into times were the customer ran the pump unfiltered. what a mess.
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    not sure if this is the one that turns on with opening the vat valve. but if they are turning the pump on without the valve open the that would not be good on the pump.

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