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    Carrier Furnace/Heat Pump

    Hey folks. I would like to bounce this system off your knowledge base.

    I have a 70's single story Ranch house here in Or-E-gun.

    While I was out of town on business, wife informed me that the furnace was dead - again. Over the last 3 years, we have replaced the blower twice, several new circuit boards, igniter control board and several other less expensive repairs. The current system is a Rudd 80 Deluxe Plus system with a 2 ton air conditioner. The venting system and return was pronounced as satisfactory and does not need any work.

    I should tell you that I am leery of overly complicated systems. After looking at the Carrier Infinity system, - I have decided that all the bells and whistles are not what I want. The additional 1,500 difference in cost is also not attractive. What I want is a solid, simple and uncomplicated system. It is my experience that the more complicated a machine, the more expensive it is to maintain and repair.

    The new system as recommended by the contractor is:

    Furnace: Carrier 58STA070-1-12
    Heat Pump: Carrier 25HCP330A003
    Thermostat: Honeywell Vision Pro electronic programmable
    Coil: Carrier CNPVP3617ACA

    While I am not a huge fan, the wife has insisted on a Honeywell electronic air cleaner (sorry, don't have the model number yet). Yeah. I can't talk her out of this one - so I choose my battles. (Like! Who doesn't??)

    While these units are not the top of the line, I understand, that they are pretty reliable. Seeing as my old unit is 20+ years old and problematic. I'm tired of dumping money into it. When I got home, the HVAC person who has worked on this furnace in the past informed me that I have a cracked heat exchanger and it must be replaced.

    We are scheduled for installation on Wednesday (having been without heat since the 19th).

    From what I have read, the furnace has a 3 ton blower, the heat pump is 2.5 ton. Is the coil capable of handling this much?

    Thanks. I'm tired of being cold!!

    Do you see any warning signs with this combination of equipment?

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    Nice system, but with for only a few more dollars you could have a Infinity system. And you stated that you are worried about repairs with your new system. Why. it's covered under factory warranty for 10 years.

    The new Infinity systems, monitor airflow, outdoor temps , indoor temps and can be set to your standard of comfort and will save alot more money in the long run. Short term, you can save with system that you quoted and it will provide comfort levels, bite the bullet and invest in a Infinity. You won't regret it.

    I service Carrier equipment everyday and the Infinity is just plain great.
    I can tell if a customer has had issues by going to service screen and a list of Fault codes will tell me what date and time it occured.

    The Vision pro is a good Thermostat but, it won't tell you what problems a system has had last month..
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    Dual fuel for your area climate is a good idea. I believe you have reasonable electric rates. And unless you just want the gas backup, you could even do without that. However, the equipment you have selected is low end Carrier. I would definitely want a var speed blower whether air handler or gas furnace. An 80% AFUE Infinity gas furnace would be a better choice if you want gas backup. And the Infinity controller is simply the best on the market. These Infinty systems are tried and true as being very reliable. Unless you are strictly on a budget, you are about to make a mistake both in furnace and HP selection.


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    My understanding is that the Infinity system 96% system must be vented through the wall???

    Outer pipe is intake and the inside pipe is exhaust? Is that correct?

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    Carrier makes an 80% Infiity Furnace that will most likely vent with your existing chimmney.

    Take another look at the Infinity system with 10 year parts and labor warranty.

    Sure it is a bit more complicated then the base model you listed but for comfort,savings and warranty--you will be money ahead down the road.

    And also consider the Infinity Air purifier.

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    Vent through wall

    Yes inside is exhaust and outer is intake if using a concentric vent kit
    you may vent his furnace thru wall or roof. you may also run intake and exhaust seperate as long as you follow manufacturers instructions and codes.

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    I'm wondering how difficult it would be to run it through the existing roof vent which looks like a 6" diameter standard vent.

    The furnace is in the garage and there is no outside wall to vent it to as there is a family room directly behind the garage.

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    existing roof vent

    running a pvc vent through the roof where previous vent was located is possible. existing roof flashing should be removed and replaced with the correct flashing for pvc. even though your existing vent was six inches if done correct the new flashing should work.

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