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Thread: new furnace/ac

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    Confused Rheem Or Amana

    My house is a 1350 square foot ranch in Upstate NY climate. I am trying to choose between Rheem and Amana for a new furnace and air conditioner. What is more suitable to the house -- one stage, two stage, or modulating furnace? air conditioner -- Weather King or RANL 13 Rheem?

    I want to keep the job under 6000. For around that there one dealer will put in a RGFD 90 PLUS and the weather king. No payments,no interest for one year. They are are more expensive then the compeditors
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    Rheem owns Weather King. Id go with the Rheem 2 stage.

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    What's the budget?

    Of course the Mod is the most comfortable of the family. Rheem's 2 stage RGPL will reach 95% for the tax credit in 3 sizes.

    The RANL is a lot nicer A/C than the WeatherKings.

    Make sure they do a heat loss calc and size properly. Small houses are the most oversized. Dealers are scared to put in little furnaces.

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    rheem vrs amana

    i want to keep the job under 6000 dollars. for around that a dealer will put in a RGFD 90 and a weather king. no payments no interest for a year. It is more expensive then the compeditors

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    The Mod with the matching stat is salty. Being in a heating climate like yours, probably worth it to put a little more money in the furnace and buy the lower line A/C as a compromise.

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    Thanks for your impute, I appreciate it. I ended up getting both the RGFD 90 and the RANL 13. He knocked off $225 which I thought he could (not a lot,but it helps) we kept it right at 6.

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    Two days in, so far so good. With the old furnace I would keep it set 70 and would be cold in some parts of the house. The outside temp. has been around 40 the last two days. Right now its 28 out and I have it set at 67 and the whole house is comfortable. The real test will be when we don't get out of the 20s for a couple weeks at a time. The job was done in under 8 hours by two workers. They set both furnace and a/c units slabs they ran the PVC through the side of the house. They did a clean professional job. Before they left I asked if I should shut the power off to the a/c until spring they said it didn't matter. Anyone have any strong feelings one way or the other?

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    Glad to hear you are warm and comfortable!

    What did you get? The Mod? show us the pictures, we LOVE photos. :-)

    YOu can shut off the power or leave it on.. I shut mine off just in case a kid may be playing with my touch screen and fire off the A/C in the winter.

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    Yes I got the Mod, I'll work on pictures. Thanks for your input on the on/off question.

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