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    Talking just wondering

    over the past few days I hear my unit cut on (as it should) but after it reaches the desired temp., the unit cycles off...after a minute I hear the air start again...then stops...after a minute it starts again...then stops. It does this approximate 7 to 8 times......then goes through its regular cycle again........whats gives??????

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    when was the last time it was serviced
    might have a control going bad or a weak blower or just about any thing

    call and have it serviced and have the tech find out why it is happening

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    What kind of unit? Gas, oil, heat pump, AC?

    Where are you?

    More info needed. Vague question gets a vague answer.
    Remember, Air Conditioning begins with AIR.

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    need more info but it sounds like an old 70% eff. unit with hellical fan control. i have seen the pilot rust out and the large resulting flame will heat the fan switch turning it on. have your furnace looked at by your local professional.

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    . The safest way is to just call a technician. theres too many variables without seeing it in person . good luck

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    every time your blower motor cycles on and off like you say it draws a lot of electricity every time it starts

    call a pro in your area
    I dont warranty Tinkeritus

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