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    Wolfstrike, Why is it in your interest to repeal the law?

    Wolfstrike, you are uninsured, this law will make insurance more affordable for you. Why is it in your interest to repeal the (health care) law?
    MAAn! let me start off by sayin' I am so glad you axed me that questin'

    i've had health and dental insurance for a total of about 4 years.
    off and on.

    15 years ago , i paid into health/dental insurance at a job for about 2 years. it was cheap, it was only about $60 per month , if i remember correctly.
    one day my tooth hurt so i went to a dentist.
    the dentist comes back and says "WOW! your insurance doesn't cover anything!"
    he quotes me a price, $75 per cavity, which i had to pay out of my pocket.

    i went to a 2nd dentist at a different time and he told me "That's the worst insurance i ever saw, it doesn't cover anything"

    i don't know about you people , but the question that comes to my mind is "WTF i'm i paying for insurance for?"

    at that time there were plenty of stories about people who PAID FOR health insurance , and when they needed something big, the insurance company wouldn't cover it.

    the next job i went to, they said "do you want to sign up for insurance?" i said "NO"


    now not covered by insurance, i had a couple of small health problems, such as a spider bite ect ect.
    i just go to a clinic, pay $200, and pay $45 for what ever pills they give you.
    this is the way health care SHOULD BE.
    you pay when you have a problem, they COMPETE with other clinics, the problem is solved and you go home.


    i learned a very important lesson from living in Los Angeles that i hope you people never forget, and that is ...
    they don't pay 5 dollars for a bag of tomatos, they have spanish stores that sell everything at half the price of what you see at Vons or Ralphs.
    ...and the amazing things is , some of these "Spanish" stores like Valllara ARE OWNED by companies like Vons and Ralphs.

    it's the same thing with health care.
    do you realy believe poor Mexicans are producing $1200 out of the money roll in their pocket for a root canal?

    it's very important to understand that the Socialists have set up a class system in our country, where they squeeze maximum profit from they people who have the money.
    in the health care bill, this is going to be done by prices according to zip codes.


    that being said...
    when my tooth fell apart, guess where uninsured me went?
    i went to Mexico Part 4.
    the dentist did a root canal and placed a crown on my tooth for less than $600.

    now during that time , someone on the forums told me they had FULL DENTAL INSURANCE, and their out-of-pocket expense was $1500.

    i bring up the question again...


    i've been to clinics 4 times about my tonsils and throat, and they don't have any ideas or solutions.
    it's been a pure waste of time.


    one day i had an episode that i thought was serious.
    after i ate, i couldn't breathe very well and the left side of my body went numb.
    i went down and checked into a county hospital at about 10pm.

    i had symptoms for the first 4 hours i was waiting, it took me another 2 before i saw someone.
    (total 6 hours)

    they put me on the heart attack machine and found nothing.
    they spent 15 minutes taking xrays of my chest and throat.
    the doctor spent 10 minutes asking me what happened.

    2 days later i went in for the follow-up, with a different doctor, and they told me they didn't find anything.
    they said it looks like it's muscle related.
    i said "how do my xrays look?" THEY TOLD ME THEY LOST THEM!!!

    about a month later i got a bill for $2600.
    for what???
    i crumbled it up and threw it in the trash.

    (by-the-way , your credit scores aren't effected very much by not paying medical bills because the credit industry knows these people pull numbers out of their ass.)

    about 6 months later i got a letter that said "ok pay $1800 and you're done"
    ---> trash

    about 4 months later i got a letter that said "ok pay $1300 and you're done"
    ---> trash

    it's real simple.
    the more they try to charge a patient, the more money they get from the feds on a default.


    before the health care bill passed, the days of charging a lot of money for prescription drugs were over.
    you can buy them from the internet, ...from Canada...even some shady companies that sell with no prescription.

    health care companies and pharmaceutical companies had come to the point where they had to start being competitive.

    what Obama , Romney , the Democrats , and the health care insurance companies did was force the public to pay for all future rising profits.


    when a guy like me gets a famous $1200 xray and has no intention of paying for it , you're gonna chip in.
    when they call 250,000 people in to take a flue shot, you're gonna chip in.
    when they raise the rates from $800 to $2000 for every ambulance ride , you're gonna chip in.
    when the other half of Mexico, that you voted to keep out of here, shows up in the waiting room, you're gonna chip in.
    when the hospital hires messengers to file paperwork , you're gonna chip in.
    when the hospital hires people from Africa and wants to pay them $26 per hour to sweep up, you're gonna chip in.
    when the health care company expands their executive staff, you're gonna chip in.
    when the CEO of HyperCompuGlobalMegaHelthRip Corp goes to buy his own private island , you're gonna chip in.

    dat's why i want to law repealed.

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    Imagine if we had a sane, free market health care system. Instead we get to live Atlas Shrugged
    America; first we fight for our freedom,
    then we make laws to take it away.

    -Alfred E Newman

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