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    Hmm Sizing A/C for a crab house

    I have a customer that runs a crab house here in New Freedom PA. He wants to add heat and a/c to his building.

    Question is he has five commercial crab steamers running. How do you possibly calculate that load? On top of that (literally) he has a large commercial exhaust fan.

    I'd appreciate any insights,

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    Most manufactures will post the Btuh of their equipment in their cutsheets.
    After considering all the equipment you have to consider how much OA is being brought in, design conditions for New Freedom, PA in the summer, (worst case) is 91 deg f db and 74 deg f wb and if you want to keep the kitchen moderate 80 deg f 50% rh then figure about 17 Btuh per cfm of OA.
    Don't be surprised if you need a 7.5 ton or bigger to keep the humidity down.
    This should get you in the ballpark, a real heat load calculation should be done if you want to cover all the bases!

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