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    Lochinvar Knight installation question

    Hi guys,
    Couple of questions...

    1) Does a Knight boiler require a primary/secondary piping installation? If not, what are the alternatives. If so, what are the recommendations?? Any pictures of schematics/patterns??

    2) Can I vent the exhaust through PVC and run the PVC up my 2 story chimney, but pipe in the clean air through a shorter pipe just above my basement cement wall? Is it an issue if intake and exhaust pipes are of different lengths and terminate in different locations?

    3) Is it true that the higher efficiencies of the Mod/coms can only be achieved if using radient installations? One of the guys giving me an estimate indicated that because I was using baseboard heating, that it was a waste of money buying a mod/com and that I should just get a traditional boiler.



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    Mod/Con boiler with indirect water heater

    Mod/Cons boilers work fine for baseboard applications. They modulate on outside reset so they will condense and save fuel. They condense more with old radiators and new radiant floor systems but nothing beats a Mod/Con for efficiency.

    The rest of your questions can be found in the installation manual, a much neglected document design to aid the installer in the safe and efficient installation of any gas-fired appliance.


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    also have the boiler make your domestic hot water, at the better effiency. luck dan

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    The Night boiler is top notch. If you check the Night web site you can see the primary/secondary piping. The venting information is also available. Pvc venting is ok and if codes allow in your area the chimney for exhaust and the intake in another location may be fine.

    You can get the efficiency up using the base board heat. That will not be a problem.

    I just installed one in my home after many months of talking with all of our suppliers. I run a couple hydro air units and 4 zones of base board. The programming takes a bit of time to get things dialed in but the savings should be worth the time.

    I have spent a long time in the HVAC field and when it came to doing my own home I wanted a boiler that would save me money and be dependable. I did not take initial cost into consideration as my only focus was low operation expenses and comfort. The Night won out with a Viesmann a very close second.

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