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    Help!! Office is too hot from computer!

    I have a small home office, maybe 100 sq feet. It gets very hot because I have a good amount of computer equipment in it. I have one air conditioning duct into the room without a return. The room is always hot when the rest of the house is cool. I don't want to crank up the ac for the whole house just for this room. Plus, it is hot when the rest of the house is not being cooled... like in the winter. I can't put a small ac unit in the window because this is right next to my front door and would be unsightly. A portable unit still has to be vented and would be a security risk. I could cut a hole through the wall to get to the garage but that would just heat my garage way up and would drip water all over.I put in a fan but it just blows hot air. All the basement ducting leading to the room is covered because the basement is finished. I did try a swamp cooler... no help...made the room warmer.

    any suugestions?


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    mini a search

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    Do you have attic space above the room?...If so, I'd consider venting a portable up thru the ceiling. If not, a dampered vent on an outside wall might be an option. A two hose system would be optimal, but no bigger of an area, a one hose would probably suffice.

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    this is on the first floor so there is no attic. I can't go out the front of the house because it is by my front door and would be unsightly... it is brick so it wouldn't be easy either. I could go into the garage... but I would think that would be a problem due to water and heating the garage.....

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    fujitsu minisplit, can go into garage, depending on where your at you can run the lineset along the wall and pop out back side of the garage with the condenser. use a condensate pump to pump that out with the lineset.
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    re minisplit

    what does a system like that cost... including installation?

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    We are not allowed to discuss pricing on this forum. However, a minisplit costs more than a window unit and less than a ducted system of the same size. I'm pretty sure it's more than you want to pay, but would be the perfect solution for what you describe.

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    A portable AC might work, if you have a window. The AC sits inside the room and a tube attaches to a flat panel that fits in the bottom of the window. You hardly notice the panel from outside.

    Also, turn off your computers when not in use or go into your computer settings and set it to go into standby automatically. You might also need to change the mouse setting to eliminate the option to come out of standby by giggling the mouse. I cut my power from 200 watts to 7 on a gaming computer with these adjustments, which send it into standby automatically after 15 minutes.

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    I love the idea of a portable but the window is a bay and that facet faces the front door as you come in. It would probably be visible... also, it would be a security risk in that someone could open the window... I would love to vent into my garage but I assume it would heat it up and spill water everywhere....

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    ductless split runs the refrigerated lines from a condesor to a evap you can mount on the wall(considering condinsate line) and has no duct work to run

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    Move your computer/server to the basement or garage and just run the wires into the private room.

    If you need access to anything they do sell external drives.

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    If the problem is heat from the PC then maybe you'd be better off investing in some new technology. Here are some things you can do:

    Replace an older Prescott based system with Core 2 Duo
    Replace a CRT monitor with LCD
    Set printers to go to standby mode after a certain period
    Do the same for the PC. You can change the settings to go to standby and then hibernate after certain intervals.
    Consider a ducted PC case and maybe look at ducting the exhaust elsewhere.
    Switch room lighting to CF
    Setup a small desk fan at the entrance to the room assuming the rest of the house is cool

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    I have the same size office with the home control server + my development machine + printer + home network equipment. The office is part of a 400 sq foot (20X20) basement remodel. Next to the office is a 100 sq foot sewing room. Next to both is a 200 sq foot library. Fan equipped ductwork pulls air from sewing room vent to library vent. Similar ductwork pushes air from library into office. Office & sewing room share a wall vent. UPB controls on the furnace turn on the vent fans when the furnace blower is running. The result is that my office computers heat the entire living space to a year-round 72-73 degrees. Could you do something similar? Don't spend more $$$ on cooling unless there's no other choice IMHO.

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