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I'm not the actual user/programmer of the FX-40 in my company but I know that we use the FX-40 as a Regular Jace403. We noticed that every Fx-40 we've got from JCI in the last 3 months have a valid 3.2 licence. We never use the JCI appliance: we just commission (upgrade) the FX-40 like a normal Jace 403 in 3.2 . After that I can asure you that there is no difference between that FX-40 and a Tridium Jace403 except for the N2 port (and the 4 JCI module that are still in 3.0 version).

We have use more than a 10 FX-40 that way (on jobs without the need for N2) and we can't see any difference from our Tridium Jace403.
What is the Lon node limit count of 403 when above is done?
And where is a good common place where I can by FX-40 off the shelf?