Is there a way I can upgrade my SNVT list definition on a R2 Jace?

I have a old job site with a Jace5 in R2. They are adding a new Rooftop unit and I need to integrate via LON

I am integrating a McQuay Roof-top with LON and it seems that my Jace is using the version 11 revision 2 (May 2002) of the LonMark SNVT Master List and that McQuay used the version 13 revision 0 (January 2006) of the LonMark SNVT Master List

Echelon changed the definition between versions : SNVT_hvac_status(112) definition has change from version 11 to version 13. Everything is the same except for the in_alarm part. The in_alarm units definition evolved from BOOLEAN to ALARM VALUE between versions. My Jace is using the Boolean version so I can't grab the Alarm Value to give the operator the exact alarm. The Jace is always giving a True or False value!!

Does anyone know how to make the Jace use the newer version of the SNVT Master List?