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    Chicken Barbecue for grilling

    My fave recipe is Chicken Barbecue It's my family all time favorite. I just marinade it before cooking to with soy sauce, sugar, ketchup and other seasoning. It is easy to prepare and the sauce also makes a great toppings for baked potatoes on the sides if you want. It is best for an outdoor bonding while you grill this food.

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    Sounds good. My favorite sauce is Sweet Baby Rays but I only use it on Baby Backs. I grill chicken about 4 times a week and typically only buy boneless breasts and stock up when it is on sale. Last week while split breasts were on sale for $.97 a pound in the value packs and a four breast pack was $3-4 each so needless to say I stocked up.
    Usually I just put some granulated garlic on them or some Chef Pauls Blackened Redfish Magic and maybe squeeze some lemon or limes on it just before I take it off. Another thing I put on them is mix some olive oil with Vietnamese Fancy Cinnamon, Tumeric and some Hungarian Paprika then brush it on. Lots of stuff you can do with chicken.
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