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    economizer capabilities in server room

    The economizer is a little confusing. I am looking for any information to clarify the purpose and capabilities of these units. I am an Hvac tech from the residential installer upbringing but have since become more and more involved with troubleshooting and controls in the comercial side of hvac. I have done one year of hvacr tech school and am EPA universal. I am into my 10th year now.

    My goal is to cool the server room with the economizer when the outside tempurature drops below 20* F while simultaniously shuting the 1st and 2nd stage of mechanical cooling off. I think I would like it to work as a stage of cooling but with exceptions.

    I have a trane voyager 7 ton package unit 2 stage cooling with economizer and power exhaust as the primary mode of cooling this space. With three mitsubishi mini splits as backup. But with server room expansion the mini splits are curently runing 70% - 100% depending on outdoor temperatures. And the 7 ton is runing 90% - 100% 24/7. There is also an emergency back up from a 40 ton Trane intellipak that is ducted into the existing duct work of the 7 ton unit and is controlled by a DMS system, as is the 7 ton unit.

    Thank you for your time.


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    Sorry I was intending this thread to go to the commercial controls area


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    What kind of control system do you have? Is it controlling the RTU directly or is the Voyager controlling everything? If your control system is doing it, you can re program it to do what you want quite easily.

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    Lot of things to consider before doing anything. It sounds like this system is pretty important to your customer , having two backup systems.

    Why 20 degrees ? What do you want the temperature of the air to be coming from the air handler ?

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