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    Trane Tracer Summit

    Trying to connect this panel to NAE
    How can I tell if this panel is Bacnet/IP
    and what IP address is it using?
    What are the steps to connect to a NAE via Bacnet/IP?

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    That is a pretty general question that requires a lot more info to answer. To start off.

    Is it a BCU (assuming yes since you stated Tracer Summit)?

    Do you have a serial cable that you can connect to the mini-monitor with hyperterminal?

    Is tracer summit on site or do you have it? Do you connect to it thru tracer summit with Ethernet or IP option (does it sit on a LAN or is it direct connect with a cable)?

    BMTW and BMTX have Bacnet ability, you just either need to know your NAE's DeviceID, or you need to be able to connect to the BCU via mini-monitor/telnet and do a Bacnet scan.

    Start with this and we can go from there

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