Isn’t this kind of against open market (fairness) philosophy of USA?

Or lock customer in to them, (or there only one Lic, vender in state/etc or two if you’re lucky…)

I’m tired of this lock in or (propriety) in house only or license of certain manufactures
(No names needed) this is more of a generic rant

Sure – I know they don’t want to have everybody to be installing there product (why I don’t know, think more market share) so only sale for Licensed contractors…say over the counter at whole sale or even on web.

I know Lon World “quote” Open / etc “unquote” but even some venders (not to name any) want you to buy/have a license – Kind of MLM to me even...

I guess I’m a free market guy and a manufacture locking in a customer (with little to no choice) or in competition with us –is just not right

I think that’s why people are going to lon or even companies that don’t require you drink there cool aid or sign over your first born

I even seen customers – (sic) go back – to relay logic controls (for you newbie’s – that wire and relays) because of this.