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    Confused Lon points Stale

    Im sure this is going to be an easy question for somebody. I have an AX job that the Lon controllers have some points that go stale periodically. They will accept a write and will go valid again. this wouldn't be an issue except that a part of the graphics is in the wrong state when the point stales out.

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    You can disable the color effect on the graphics.

    On second read, I realized that maybe you are not talking about the color for the "stale" state but the state reading of enum or boolean points.

    The official explanation of "statle" is "since the last poll update, the point’s value has not updated within the specified “Stale Time” of its Tuning Policy. This stale status clears upon next received poll value." Are those points "poll only" or bound to JACE?
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    They are bound to the JACE. maxflow minflow occ spts etc..

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    Maxflow minflow occ spts are normally nci ,not nvo, and that's why you see them always stale after been added as points with binding. You should find these settings on the property sheet of the device, and link them from there to graphics.

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    Thanks I will give that a try. So there they will not stale as they are not being polled?

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    No, NCIs are not supposed to be bound, regular poll is not a good way either. They can be found on the property sheet, where NCIs should be already uploaded. You can use graphic components to link them. Find them under device, not points folder.

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