Create a file in notepad and call it stop.bat and insert the following :-

@echo off
net stop "ComfortVIEW GUIService"
net stop "ComfortVIEW ActionService"
net stop "ComfortVIEW ReportService"
net stop "ComfortVIEW ObjectService"
net stop "ComfortVIEW CommService"
net stop "ComfortVIEW DDEService"

When run (double click on file) it will stop all of the Comfortview services and release the com port.

Then create a file call start.bat and insert :-

@echo off
net start "ComfortVIEW GUIService"

And this will start all services again. To stop SQL anywhere include it in both files as it is called under services.

This works on the XP/Win2K versions (3 & 3.1) for the Win98 version (2) goto the Apps folder under cview and run the program with the spanner icon.

I have shortcuts to both files on my desktop, makes it quick and easy to start & stop Cview.