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    carrier unit

    I repair circuit boards and i also work in the hvac field. a co-worker who no longer works there gave me a board to repair from a carrier unit. I have no idea what voltages i'm working with or a model number. It doesn't matter if the board gets repaired however it is a matter of principal to me. It is a timer sequence HK35AA009. Any info is appreciated. Thank you

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    Boards aren't field repairable. If they fail, we replace them. So any specific info as to repairing will likely be hard to come by.
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    Don't take this the wrong way but if you repair circuit boards for a living then you should understand all the component designations and what they do otherwise your just guessing at what's wrong.

    All circuit boards are field repairable if you know how to solder and understand how they work unless it has a damaged trace and even then it's possible but much much much harder.....and have a way to discharge static electricity or be grounded while working on them. I agree though it's not a common practice when the part is usually cheaper than diagnosing it.

    If it is a SMT circuit board then the designation on the components tell you what the part on and so forth. The numbers after the C designate it's description. If it's through hole parts then using the color band tells you the description.

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    voltage is either 120 or 230v its installed on control think that 009 is 120v and 008 is 230v .but the board cost 80$ its the time delay they rape you on if required if pump down system.Personally I like the old style was nice seeing wheel going and knowing something should occur when wheel stopped.

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