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*Frebby-d: The most powerful thing of the NAE is the JCI family. The people make the difference.

I am rolling on the floor with that one.

* A NAE can comm to much larger quanities of controllers than a FX can, right? Power Advantage = NAE

Numbers wise thats true at the moment, However if it dont work right where does that get you? When JACE/500's soon become available with N2. Consider that NAE advantage on paper, toast.

*Actually, it could be argued that they are SO powerful, you can get yourself in trouble with one. Reference the Chet posts. Power Advantage = NAE

Ya you are right, They really should train the Branch people how to spec and deliver jobs before they have abortions like Chets everywhere. Oh wait they are having them everywhere. my bad.

*More love, less hate.

hugs and kisses