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    Newbie Metasys Question

    I have Metasys on my site and want to add additional points on the system. Once I get the points added, how do I get the points to show on all the workstations. I have three computers on the building network. Also, what uploads downloads do i have to do and in what order so that it is permanent in the archive database? Thanks for any assistance.

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    upload the global and NC. if you want everything to look exactly the same on all OWS'
    get one the way you like it, then copy the XXX.DOB on your choice of mobile media and replace the xxx.dob on the other 2 PC's and do a global download at each.

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    .... its been such a long time since i've done it, i couldn't remember. I think I was stumped because I thought there was a way to sync the other workstations from the one i add the points on??? ??? Is this because the global is different on the other NC's that the other workstations are attached to?? Anyway, i'll throw it on my thumb drive and try it on one of the workstations.... if all goes well, i'll do the last one!! Thanks.

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    If you are adding points to exiting systems they will show up on the other worstation if the system is in the network map of the other PC's
    If you are adding a system they will be under systems on the other PC's.

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    Good suggestions by all you folks. After you add your new points upload the NCM as Freddie says and boot to a DOS shell and unddl the global and the NCM. If they have no errors your good to go the points should appear on the other OWS if they have the same global file. If you are adding systems (or groups), this is the procedure:

    1) Upload the Global database at the archive OWS.
    2) UNDDL the Global database at the archive OWS.
    3) Rename the Global file extension from .UND to .DDL.
    4) Revise the Global .DDL file as needed. Copy it to a mobile media.
    5) Recompile the Global .DDL file.
    6) Download the Global database at the archive OWS.
    7) Shut down Metasys and disconnect each of the non-archive OWSs from the LAN.
    8) Compile the archives Global .DDL file on each non-archive OWS.
    9) Start Metasys and download the Global database on each non-archive OWS.
    10) Shut down Metasys, and delete the online Globrev.dbf (e.g., C:\Project\Contract\Netname\Globrev.dbf) file on each non-archive OWS.
    11) Restart Metasys on each non-archive OWS.
    12) Reconnect each non-archive OWS to the LAN.
    13) Comment The globalrev.dbf should only reside on the Archive OWS.
    Hope this helps you and remember never never ever do this on a Friday.


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