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    Jace WEB alarm Display

    I have a Tridium jace 501 running R2. When I do the WEB graphics pages I set a URL link to the alarm display (http:/Jace IP/alarm/alarmDisplay). The unacknowledged alarms screen pops up fine but it will only display 2 and maybe 3 alarms at a time. The new alarms simply overright the old alarms and the old alarms simply disappear without being acknowleded. Even the summary screen only shows 2 alarms at a time. How do I get more alarms to display on the screen. I want to see all the unacknowledged alarms.


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    Disreguard the first post. I answered my own question. If the alarms are coming from the same point it overrights the first alarm. If the alarm is from a different point then displays properely. I was thinking it treated each alarm as a seperate incident.


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    <irony> Glad I could help! </irony>
    I had the same problem a while back! It just looks a bit strange, Doesn't it!
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