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    IBEX Sharing Violation

    IBEX Alarm
    IBEX.01-32:TrendLog 0 - Lan:Apex01.02*Sharing Violation

    End User has this popping on screen but can't seem to get rid of it...

    Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions?

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    Sharing violation

    Trend file is either corrupted or is read only.
    Go to Alerton folder.. Current job folder. possibly localjob
    find folder trend
    ( path is possibly at - C:\Program Files\Alerton\IBEX\Localjob\TREND)

    find file TR020000 and make sure that it is NOT read only (use windows explorer to check it)

    If it does not fix it
    Shut down EFI and delete the file. Restart EFI

    If it does not fix it then it is a ghost alarm and you may need ram kill of apex.

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