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    Liebert Sitelink

    Is it possible to access a sitelink without the assistance of a Liebert rep.

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    Yes with the assistance of an ALC rep. Without the uncompiled code you will need to recreate the program yourself.

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    Do they have sitescan on site? What kind of system are you trying to tie it into?

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    The sitelink will connect to a Deluxe System/3 Level 15.

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    Kwillmech is correct, Sitelink is manufactured by ALC as an OEM product. A program in the sitelink can be either ALC Legacy or ALC WebCtrl, depending on the vintage. SiteScan is the same as the older Supervision 2.6 but they use different file extensions for their programs. An ALC dealer can deal with that and can even rewrite the program. SiteScanWeb is the same as ALC WebCtrl 3.0. If you are tied to say a CRAC unit, you will see a program in your database such as LAM. something. I work with our local Liebert rep all of the time and they are very easy to work with, why not contact them?

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