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    multi-stage high efficiency hvac and zoning are they compatible

    Looking at installing several high efficiency HVAC units in a new construction. The way they operate, changing speeds for efficiency (compressor load and fan speeds), will they co-exist ok with zoning systems opening and closing areas of the house on & off. Was wondering if the zone systems will actually confuse some of the more high efficiency HVAC units control systems?

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    Today's multi-stage equipment is fine with the right zoning equipment. Most premium panels can control 2 stage heat & cool. Staging should be based on factors like number of zones calling or 2 stage thermostat. The panel shouldn't call for 2nd stage without the open ducts being able to handle that much capacity.

    The best system would be the Bryant Evolution or Carrier Infinity zoning. Beyond that, Honeywell's TZ4 or Jackson's Z600 panels are affordable but top notch. There are others. Avoid any panel that bases staging only one time or uses the timer in a 2 stage furnace for example.

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    At the beginning of this summer I got a Trane XL19i (dual compressor) and Trane 4 zone controller board. It begins on the low compressor and then switches to the high compressor if temps aren't reached in 10 minutes. Each zone is assigned a percentage and if the combined percentage of the zones that require cooling are less than 30% on low or 65% on high, it will perform a "strategic relief" and open the zones in other areas to keep the static pressure from getting too high.

    Not sure if that helps a lot, but not many of the professionals here talk about the Trane zoning system. From the descriptions people give of other systems, the Trane system does seem to be a bit simpler, but in practice it has worked out quite well for me (once I figured out the 30%/65% rule)

    Hope that helps

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    Best advice I can give is purchase a complete system from the same manufacturer. They will have done the work of making sure that their systems work best with one another.
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    Take a look at Honeywells new TrueZone HZ432 panel. It's the new replacement for the TZ4. Very easy programing.

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